I am Jackson Onfray

The Early Years…

I grew up on the Sunshine Coast, surfing, spending time at the beach with my father from an early age. Having a deep appreciation for the natural world grew from my time spent in some of the most beautiful beaches and national parks in the world. I’ve always had a love and fascination for photography and always wanted to capture and document the memorable moments of my life to share.


To pay my way through university I worked as a supervisor at Emporium’s Terrace Bar, one of Brisbane’s busiest. Being around the culinary world for the majority of my adult life I began to utilise my professional skills to photograph events, food and products within the industry.

During this period of working 50+ hours a week, I would use any spare time and days off developing my skills, researching techniques, and shooting professionally for clients through word of mouth and the network I had begun building on.


I love to travel and I’m so fortunate that this is so cohesive to my other passions of photography and surfing. My destination choices are always on the road less travelled, I like to go where few others do, and this provides me the opportunity to capture experiences and share them with people who would otherwise never get to see them.

Some of my favourite travel projects so far;

Cambodia; Buddhist library school volunteering.

India; a hiking expedition in the Himalayas, traversing the wilderness and visiting Sikh temples at 5500m.

Europe; Rome, Malaga and the U.K visiting Snowdonia National Park in late autumn, hiking peaks in freezing temperatures.

New Zealand; campervanning around the entire South Island, hiking the great walks and beautiful waterfalls of Milford Sound.

Leap of Faith…

In 2019 my drive and dedication to photography, along with the demand for my services through word of mouth, motivated me to take a leap of faith. I resigned from my full-time job and have devoted my time completely to my Photography, Social Media Management & Content Business.

My services include full social media management for retailers and venues, content creation and brand strategy for a multitude of industries. I extend my work at a more personal level, offering one on one portfolio work and surfing sessions. I also have my work displayed as stock photos and print work. Be sure to send through any enquiries or questions you have for me.

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